Scantic Valley Antique Engine & Tractor Club


Small change to our meeting location on Monday December 9 at 7 pm we will use the cellar of the newly renovated Barber Hill School House next door to the Osborne House at the Museum 115 Scantic Rd East Windsor. The cellar is well lit and has a wood stove but currently lacks chairs so please bring a chair or two to this meeting. This may also become our meeting room for January. I will be there at 6 pm so we can come by anytime after that and the building would also be available for our January meeting, East Windsor is receiving a grant from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and that meeting will probably run longer than planned. Because this occurred after I mailed out the meeting notice please talk to your friends without email so they will know.

Scantic Valley Antique Eng Club Meeting Notice

Monday December 9 2019 7 pm meeting changed due to snow storm will be at Osborn House 115 Scantic Road East Windsor CT. Due to schedule there will be another meeting which ends by 7 pm so I would not arrive too early but the room will be available.

Monday Januay 13 2020,meeting currently needs a new location if anyone has a place or recommendation call John Bajumpaa 860-623-3906

February 10 2020. March 9 2020 April 13 2020 meetings at 7 pm at Osborn House 115 Scantic Road East Windsor CT.

We are still looking for a presidential candidate for the club to be voted on in December If you are interested contact John Bajumpaa 860-623-3906 or johnbajumpaa@att.net