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Scantic Valley Antique Engine & Tractor Club

Photo Gallery

The Making of a Gravely Westchester The Making of a Gravely Westchester 1962 LI Starting Point This was the starting point for this project which was picked up in Tolland, CT. 131475124 Westchester Engine Build The Westchester Engine was purchased from Georgia and arrived in a wooded box via UPS from Galin a Gravely Tractor Club of America member. The trick with the Westchester is "you need the lower and not just the overhead valves as it has a different cam and the valves are on one side" Sometimes we learn the hard way 131475125 It's Coming Together More or less fitting everything up like the hood, handle bars, gas tank, fan shroud (took two tries to make) linkage, and gear reduction wheels before paint begins. 131475126 Time to see if this Monster will run! The overhead view of a Gravely Westchester engine which produces 12HP. The custom intake was made from 1" 304 sch 10 stainless steel pipe and the flanges were also machined from 304 stainless steel. 131475127 It actually works and sounds good Time to get the carb set-up and play with the idle. 131475128 I think it's time for a hood to hide the Westchester 131475129 Ok it's finally coming together Primered hood and time to get this finished!!! 131475130 Interesting, now time for the final decals It's red and ready to go. 131475131 The "Monster" is now complete This project was completed by Tim & Walter Mips in the Fall of 2008. It won Best Modified Tractor at the August Gravely Mow-In 2009. 131475132